The Most Powerful Healthy Aging & Longevity Steps You Aren’t Hearing About


Top Foods, Little-Known Life-Saver to Avoid 95% of Disease, New #1 Vital Sign You Must Monitor, Protein, B12

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“You can’t help getting older but you don’t have to get old.”

- George Burns

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The Age-Defying Secrets Summit

All personally interviewed by Brian Vaszily

1 Ocean Robbins

World-renowned nutrition expert and co-founder of the 700,000-member Food Revolution Network. Author of the bestseller, 31-Day Food Revolution. Recipient of numerous honors including Jefferson Award for Outstanding Public Service, Freedom’s Flame Award, and many more.

Easy, heartwarming way to boost happiness 25% that also fights infections & headaches and improves sleep & digestion and more...

2 Dr. Wendie Trubow

Pioneering board-certified M.D. and Functional Medicine Certified practitioner specializing in gynecology and women’s health. Bestselling author of Dirty Girl. Her groundbreaking approaches to detoxifying the body stem from her own earlier struggles with toxicity & Celiac disease.

How being a “dirty girl” led to profound discoveries other M.D.s are still clueless about and more...

3 Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Legendary M.D. renowned for preventing and reversing disease with nutrition and natural methods. 7-time NY Times bestselling author including Eat to Live. President of the Nutritional Research Foundation. His 5 TV shows have raised over $70 million for PBS.

Brand-new top vital sign you must monitor in your body -- more key than vitamin D levels to avoid dementia & early death and more...

From your specific area of expertise, what are 3 to 5 things that almost no one knows about – but that everyone needs and deserves to know – because of how powerfully it can help them look and feel their best, avoid and possibly even overcome disease, and live long doing it?


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Bonus #1

The Complete 2022 Food Revolution Summit

John Robbins & Ocean Robbins, Co-Founders, The Food Revolution Network

Value: $197

Wow! With your order today of the complete Age-Defying Secrets Summit recordings and transcripts, you’re also getting the entire 2022 Food Revolution Summit. Legendary health leader John Robbins interviews 24 of the planet’s top food experts, revealing the latest insights and breakthroughs to help you heal your body and your world — with food! Experts include Dean Ornish, MD, Neal Barnard, MD, Kristi Funk, MD, Will Bulsiewicz, MD, and more. You’re immediately getting unlimited access to all the interviews, written transcripts, PLUS $1500+ worth of additional bonuses from the Food Revolution Summit.

Bonus #2

Eat Your Way to Health: The Complete A to Z Program

Dr. Wendie Trubow, world-renowned M.D., functional medicine & detox expert

Value: $597

WOW again! With your order today of the The Age-Defying Secrets Summit recordings and written transcripts, you’re also getting immediate access to the entire highly acclaimed Eat Your Way to Health learning program. This is the crystal-clear and concise guided program that walks you step-by-step through ALL the healthiest changes you’ll want to make in your kitchen starting today – many of them quite surprising! Each of the 4 modules last only 24 minutes, yet by the end your nutritional knowledge – and your health – will be transformed.

Bonus #3

The 16 TOP Fermented Foods Recipe Guide

Dr. Pedram Shojai, globally acclaimed O.M.D, Qi Gong Master, Taoist Abbot

Value: $15

Eating fermented foods is your golden key to greatly increase the probiotics in your body and boost your microbiome health. Plus, they provide you incredible antioxidant, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory benefits.

In this 47-page recipe guide, you’re getting easy recipes for the 16 healthiest and most delicious fermented foods – such as kimchi, pickles, sauerkraut, kefir, yogurt, natto, kombucha, sourdough bread and more. PLUS, you’ll learn the research-based top health benefits of each food and other fascinating and useful insights. Fermented foods are among the world’s most potent longevity foods, so don’t miss this!


Bonus #4

Your Complete Mold Exposure Guide: Clean Up, Detox & Diet

Dr. Jill Carnahan, world-renowned M.D., holistic medicine expert, toxicity survivor

Value: $15

We spend over 90% of life indoors. Mold is now in about 50% of homes. And many people are still unaware they have mold toxicity. This must-read new guide reveals the 14 top symptoms you must watch for… how and where you should get tested… what to eat and what to avoid if you know or suspect mold is making you sick… and how to check for and eliminate mold from your clothes, carpet, furniture, walls and more.

Bonus #5

Getting Regular: The Course to End Bloating & Constipation

Dr. Robynne Chutkan, top gastroenterologist M.D., Digestive Center for Women founder

Value: $199

Amazing! It’s time to banish your constipation and bloating for good. Because with your order today of The Age-Defying Secrets Summit recordings and written transcripts, you’re also getting immediate and permanent access to Dr. Chutkan’s entire renowned Getting Regular course. You’ll discover exactly how to overcome these frustrating issues and finally achieve regularity, including root causes, “red flag alerts,” the best nutritional therapy, best digestive aids & supplements, and more. All from one of the world’s top digestive health authorities!

Bonus #6

20 Natural Remedies & Recipes for Inflammation

Nick Polizzi, leading ancient and indigenous medicine researcher

Value: $25

3 out of 5 people die due to chronic inflammatory diseases such as cancer, stroke, heart disorders, diabetes, and respiratory diseases. Slow, long-term inflammation – a.k.a. chronic inflammation – is rampant today, and you simply must take action against it now to keep serious illness at bay and live long. The good news? Nature provides some very powerful foods to combat it. And in this important report, you’re about to discover the most potent anti-inflammatory herbs and spices of all. PLUS, you’ll enjoy 10 easy and delicious recipes that utilize nature’s top anti-inflammatory ingredients, such as Savory Lentil Soup with Turmeric… Broccoli Salad with Walnuts and Currants… and an Irresistible Dark Chocolate Pudding!

Bonus #7

Non-Toxic Living: Your Complete Home Detox Guide

Dr. Wendie Trubow, world-renowned M.D., functional medicine & detox expert

Value: $39.99

What are the top 10 everyday foods containing glyphosate, the widespread chemical linked to cancer, liver and kidney damage and more? What are 5 of the safest pots and pans brands, and 4 safest food storage brands? Where can you easily find safe, non-toxic lipstick, deodorant, and shampoo? These are just a few of the important questions this concise and very helpful “whole home detox” guide answers for you – and like all the gifts here, you’re getting it right away!


Bonus #8

Eat to Beat Disease: The Mediterranean Inspired Meal Plan

Dr. William Li, globally acclaimed and Harvard-trained M.D. & scientist

Value: $50

In this exclusive guide, you’ll discover the top 32 foods for building new blood vessels and stem cells and repairing DNA in your body! You’ll also be treated to 11 amazing recipes that utilize these foods — such as Mediterranean Vegetable Stew, Caprese Salad, and Spiced Apple and Carrot Muffins – and you’ll receive a concise weekly meal plan to incorporate these top foods and recipes into your life for peak results.

Bonus #9

The Natural Beauty Bible: Best Foods, Habits & Recipes

James Colquhoun & Laurentine ten Bosch, founders of Food Matters

Value: $30

In this clear and comprehensive new guide, you’ll learn the most concerning ingredients to beware of in personal care products… the 9 common bad habits to quit and 11 best habits to adopt for amazing skin… the top foods that make your skin “glow like a goddess”… and top supplements and essential oils to combat signs of aging. Plus, you’ll get 32 AMAZING natural beauty recipes: 16 food and drink recipes such as the Nourishing Skin Radiance SaladWrinkle Blaster Smoothie… and Youthful Skin Tea; and 16 personal care recipes such as the Wake-Me-Up Coffee ScrubCoconut Cooling LotionStress Busting Foot Soak… and the Amazing Yogurt Cleansing Mask.


Bonus #10

Beating Back Pain: The Guide to Overcome It Naturally

Dr. Yoni Whitten, widely renowned expert in permanent pain resolution

Value: $49

Nearly 65 million Americans report a recent episode of back pain, and if you’ve suffered it or currently do, you know how much it can disrupt every facet of your life. That’s why this step-by-step 23-page guide on how to help overcome it naturally – which includes very helpful visual guides — is simply as “must-read” as it gets.

You’ll discover the common yet harmful movements and other little-known causes of back pain you must eliminate… you’ll find out exactly how to improve your core strength WITHOUT straining or hurting your back… you’ll learn how to use sitting to your advantage to eliminate the pain… and much, much more!

Bonus #11

The Beginner’s Guide to the Nutritarian Diet

Dr. Joel Fuhrman, legendary MD, 7-time NY Times bestselling author

Value: $20

Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Nutritarian Diet has been called the “healthiest eating style in the world” – and it’s famous for helping people worldwide even reverse chronic disease. You’ll also appreciate this is an eating style that you’ll actually enjoy!

And in this crystal-clear and easy-to-follow new guide, you’re about to learn ALL the essentials you need to know to put the life-changing Nutrient Diet to work right away in greatly improving your health, daily energy, and longevity.

You’ll discover the foods you can Eat Liberally… those you can Eat in Moderation… and those to Avoid Entirely. You’ll find out the mission-critical 6 STEPS you must take to truly eat for nutritional excellence. And you’ll get a complete 3-Day Meal Plan featuring 9 of Dr. Fuhrman’s most loved – and incredibly healthy and easy to make – recipes (such as a tasty and filling Tailgate Chili and a delicious 5-ingredient Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream!)


Bonus #12

Essential Oils Starter Kit: Training Videos & Transcripts

Dr. Eric Zielinkski, natural health, essential oils, and anti-aging pioneer

Value: $47

Essential oils continue to increase in popularity because they’re a convenient, affordable, and highly effective way to “take charge” of your own health and wellbeing. The benefits of essential oils include helping you with stress and anxiety… headaches and other pain… energy and focus… sleep and insomnia… anti-aging and skin health… and beyond.

HOWEVER, it’s mission-critical to understand how best to use these “natural wonders” to enjoy maximum results. That’s why you’re going to love these first 3 easy-to-follow videos from the Essential Oils for Abundant Living masterclass – led by one of today’s most celebrated and trusted natural health and essential oils experts, Dr. Eric Zielinski.

Your kit includes complete access to:

  • 3 Videos (Quick Start Guide and Lessons 1 & 2)
  • Transcripts (PDFs) and Audios (MP3s)
  • 3 Masterclass Downloads (Dilution Guide + Diffuser Guide + Roller Bottle Guide)

Bonus #13

Brain Wash: Detox Your Mind for Clearer Thinking, Deeper Relationships, and Lasting Happiness: Intro Chapter

Drs. David & Austin Perlmutter, world-renowned M.D.s / brain health experts

Value: $10

Focused on the factual premise that your “brain’s performance is being gravely manipulated,” you’ll greatly appreciate the surprising and essential insights in this intro chapter of Brain Wash alone! Based on the latest science and revealing the mental hijacking that undermines each of us, this bestseller presents the tools necessary to think more clearly, make better decisions, strengthen bonds with others, and develop healthier habits. With an empowering 10-day program, including a meal plan and 40 delicious recipes, Brain Wash is the key to cultivating a healthy, vibrant, meaningful life.


Bonus #14

Mastering Diabetes: The 40 Top Recipes + What Really Causes Insulin Resistance?

Cyrus Khambatta, PhD, Robby Barbaro, MPH, leading diabetes researchers

Value: $47

What really causes insulin resistance? Whether you are diabetic, prediabetic, or simply determined to live long and well, you need and deserve to know the real answer – and it’s NOT at all what most uninformed doctors believe it is! You’re about to discover the clear and very surprising answer in this key 28-page chapter from the deeply researched-based New York Times bestseller, Mastering Diabetes. PLUS, you’re also getting the 40 top easy and delicious recipes that those with diabetes, prediabetes, or simply a desire to eat healthy will love! This includes Cabbage Beet TacosCorn and Peach BlissPortobello Mushroom BruschettaPomegranate Punch…  Banana Nice Cream… and more!

Bonus #15

Dirty Girl: Ditch the Toxins, Look Great, Feel Freaking Amazing!

Dr. Wendie Trubow, world-renowned M.D., functional medicine & detox expert

Value: $15.99

Joint pain, chronic fatigue, hair loss, eczema, digestive issues… if you suffer these and other symptoms, you’re about to find out why must “ditch the toxins” and the very little-known essentials on how to do so! And you’re immediately getting the Introduction and first key chapter of Dr. Trubow’s bestseller, Dirty Girl, that will guide you on the mission-critical first steps you must take. Most people don’t realize the extent to which their bodies are “storing” toxins right now. The first chapter is entitled “Dirty Girls Go Bald,” and as you’re about to see, thinning hair is just one of many far more serious issues that result from it.


Bonus #16

Combating the Early Signs of Aging: Complete Program

KP Khalsa, American Herbalists Guild president, natural health legend

Value: $45

Regardless of your age or circumstances right now, YES, you can certainly take steps to feel and look significantly younger – and avoid and possibly even reverse disease! And in this complete series from KP Khalsa that includes both video learning and concise written “cheat sheets” for easy reference, you’re going to learn nature’s most potent herbs and other approaches to do so. This includes expert guidance on maintaining and achieving your youngest brain, healthy sleep, managing stress, achieving beautiful skin, and much more!    

Bonus #17

Beyond Longevity: A Proven Plan for Healing Faster, Feeling Better, and Thriving at Any Age

Jason Prall, Founder of The Human Longevity Project

Value: $127

You want to thrive very late into life, not just live longer, right? And you’re receiving several useful bonuses right away from famed longevity researcher, Jason Prall, that will help you do exactly that! This includes 3 key chapters from his brand-new bestseller, Beyond Longevity, and more. Jason draws from his own experience as a practitioner who has interviewed over 100 other health experts and elders across the world, and you’ll be amazed with the practical insights you learn that can most effectively increase your health and longevity – and your life satisfaction while living long!


Bonus #18

40 Smoothies for Hormone Balance

Sarah Otto, Nutritionist and Host of The Gut Solution

Value: $22.45

Focused on using nature’s top fruits, veggies, herbs and spices for hormone balance and your optimal health and energy, this special recipe features 40 fan-favorite smoothie recipes that are easy to make, entirely plant-based, and out-of-this-world delicious!  Includes Blueberry and Banana Balancing Smoothie… Energy-Boosting Summer Smoothie… Over 40 Hormone Balancing Smoothie… Spicy, Warming Cinnamon Chocolate Smoothie… Pituitary Support Smoothie… Apple Pie Smoothie… Peach Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie… Tastes-Like-Nutella Smoothie and many more!

Bonus #19

The 10 Most Health- and Life-Changing Special Reports from Brian Vaszily

Brian Vaszily, The Art of Anti-Aging founder

Value: $250

Invaluable. Over the past 20+ years, Brian Vaszily has been a “powerful force” in natural health research, education, and advocacy, and his works have positively impacted the health and life of millions. He’s the founder of the 400,000 member The Art of Anti-Aging… creator & host of highly acclaimed events featuring the world’s top doctors and researchers (including this ultimate healthy aging and longevity summit!)… and is a bestselling book author who’s also had hundreds of health reports and articles published.

Total Value of Bonuses: Over $1,801.00

Total Value of Bonuses: Over $1,801.00

Own the recordings & transcripts of the entire summit with your special Early Bird savings off 55% OFF right now


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