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“From your unique area of expertise, what are 3 to 5 of the proven most effective steps people are not yet widely aware of to avoid and possibly even overcome disease, live long, and thrive while doing so?”

Below is the day-by-day schedule of The Live Long & THRIVE Summit that starts July 17, 2024, at 8am Pacific / 11am Eastern. First, though, please see this ESSENTIAL INFO…

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YES, you are about to get total clarity on the proven most powerful secrets of all to look and feel your best now, avoid and overcome disease, live long, and thrive while doing so… from 22 of the world’s most renowned and trusted healthy aging and longevity MDs and researchers.

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The Live Long & THRIVE Summit Schedule

The Legends You'll Learn From,
A Taste of What They'll Reveal...

All personally interviewed by Brian Vaszily, 20+ year natural health veteran, founder of the 500,000+ member The Art of Anti-Aging

Day 1

Silenced Life-Saving Facts ◦ Slash Your Dementia Risk ◦ Nature’s Best for Your Gut ◦ Blood Pressure & Blood Sugar Secrets ◦ #1 Herbs ◦ Beware This Doctor

Wednesday, July 17

Brian Vaszily

Founder and host, Brian Vaszily will kick this once-in-a-lifetime summit off with some truly crucial insights you need to know to look and feel your best… avoid and overcome disease… and live long doing it (and probably a few things to make you smile), followed by his first interview with John Abramson, MD…

John Abramson, MD

Today’s most revered MD expert exposing pharmaceutical industry secrets everyone needs to know. Harvard Medical School faculty member for 16 years, esteemed family doctor for 22 years, top consulting expert in drug industry litigation including to the FBI & U.S. Dept of Justice. 65+ major media appearances.

A taste of the little-known, most effective steps to live long & well that Dr. Abramson will reveal:

Mind-blowing, widely suppressed, truly life-saving new insights. If you now take, or might ever take, any prescription drugs or undergo any medical procedures, you 100% MUST KNOW these silenced facts -- from today’s top industry insider -- if you intend to live long and live well.

Michael Greger, MD, FACLM

Legendary MD and expert on nutrition, food safety, public health, and longevity. Author of multiple mega-NY Times bestsellers such as How Not to Die. Founder of, American College of Lifestyle Medicine founding member, recipient of ACLM Lifestyle Medicine Trailblazer Award.

A taste of the little-known, most effective steps to live long & well that Dr. Greger will reveal:

The widespread cause of dementia no one talks about... What evidence shows you now must do for healthy blood pressure & to avoid Alzheimer’s... THE “major driver of aging” & why you must start blocking it now... The one surprising VITAL supplement if you’re 50+... New #1 tea for your longevity.

David Winston, RH(AHG)

Legendary natural health expert with 50+ years’ experience. Widely considered one of the world’s top herbs-as-medicine experts. An American Herbalists Guild founder, author of definitive herbalism books, prestigious 2023 AHPA Herbal Insight Award winner for advancing botanical knowledge worldwide.

A taste of the little-known, most effective steps to live long & well that David will reveal:

If you make just one change for your health, do this (VERY effective, QUITE little-known)...Best herbs for your gut & specific gut issues... Best herbs for blood sugar, inflammation, thyroid, blood pressure, cholesterol, anxiety, sleep, more... Turmeric DO’s & DON’Ts.

PLUS, from Brian Vaszily briefly before & after each Day 1 interview:

EASIEST way to lower your dementia risk 19%… BEWARE of this doctor (don’t miss this!)… #1 most toxic food health-conscious people eat… Top spices to fight inflammation.

Day 2

Most Potent DIY Steps vs. Anxiety ◦ Reduce Heart Attack Risk 38% ◦ Best Plants for Amazing Skin ◦ Top Little-Known Risks for Cancer, Diabetes, Brain Decline

Thursday, July 18

Russell Kennedy, MD

Pioneering MD and bestselling author known as “The Anxiety MD.” With degrees and advanced training in medicine, neuroscience, and psychology – plus non-traditional methods and his own challenges stemming from trauma – he created the highly celebrated and effective DIY method to overcome anxiety.

A taste of the little-known, most effective steps to live long & well that Dr. Kennedy will reveal:

Highly effective new do-it-yourself techniques if you suffer occasional worry to chronic anxiety (you’ll know this before most therapists!)... How to use your HANDS to halt self-sabotaging thoughts... Getting unstuck from guilt... Unknown essentials if you suffered TRAUMA.

Vivian Chen, MD

Pioneering MD and researcher renowned for helping patients with a wide range of chronic conditions that “nothing seems to help” by addressing little-known root causes – especially surprising and widespread toxic causes. Board-certified in both internal medicine and family practice.

A taste of the little-known, most effective steps to live long & well that Dr. Chen will reveal:

The deeply evidence-based NEW #1 worst health risk facing all of us (now strongly linked to brain, thyroid, & gut issues, cancer, diabetes, fatigue)...Healthy POOPING secrets... Why 13 truly is a SCARY number for your health... Foolproof RULE to avoid the worst toxins... Light & your health.

Ocean Robbins

World-renowned nutrition expert and co-founder of the 900,000-member Food Revolution Network. Author of the bestseller, 31-Day Food Revolution. Recipient of numerous honors including Jefferson Award for Outstanding Public Service, Freedom’s Flame Award, and many more.

A taste of the little-known, most effective steps to live long & well that Ocean will reveal:

What you must do yourself for peak longevity (most let others do it)... The ONE food that lowers your heart attack risk 38% (just one serving a day needed)... “Healthy” food boosts risk of diabetes death 5X... AMAZING question stops you from bad food choices.

PLUS, from Brian Vaszily briefly before & after each Day 2 interview:

The TRUTH about pesticides (vital new insights!)… Easy “trick” to quickly stop anxiety… World’s most dangerous “innocent” products… 5 best-of-the-best plants for amazing skin.

Day 3

How to Protect Your Mobility ◦ Best Secrets to Avoid & Overcome Pain ◦ Clarity on the Controversial Food Linked to 22% of Deaths ◦ Better When Cooked ◦ Your Feet

Friday, July 19

Emily Splichal, DPM

Globally acclaimed Podiatrist and Human Movement Specialist. Renowned for cutting-edge functional approaches to preserve & enhance mobility to overcome issues and boost healthy aging and longevity. Originally a surgeon, shifted to highly effective functional, regenerative, and natural approaches.

A taste of the little-known, most effective steps to live long & well that Dr. Splichal will reveal:

Widely unknown keys to protect & improve your mobility (VITAL to live long, avoid brain decline & more yet overlooked)... How FEET are directly linked to your longevity & 3 best foot health steps... Potent 5-minute way to protect your back, neck & mobility.

Joel Fuhrman, MD

Legendary MD renowned for preventing and reversing disease with nutrition and natural methods. 7-time New York Times bestselling author including Eat to Live, President of the Nutritional Research Foundation. His 5 TV shows have raised over $70 million for PBS.

A taste of the little-known, most effective steps to live long & well that Dr. Fuhrman will reveal:

Top healthy foods that make you feel FULL the longest... Clarity on the controversial “food” behind 22% of all deaths... Be sure you conclude your meals with these (surprising) foods... Top natural sweeteners... 6 supplements that are vital... Fat & protein CLARITY.

Andrea Furlan, MD, PhD

World-renowned MD, researcher, and expert in how to avoid & overcome chronic pain with 30+ years experience. Senior Scientist at KITE Research Institute, a world leader in improving the lives of the aging and those with illness. Physician at Toronto Rehab Institute, Professor at University of Toronto.

A taste of the little-known, most effective steps to live long & well that Dr. Furlan will reveal:

AVOID unnecessary suffering! How to prevent pain & very little-known ESSENTIALS if you now have, or may ever have, chronic pain... Surprising top cause of pain trapped in your body... 3 overlooked “musts” to stop a top cause of death... Fats & pain.

PLUS, from Brian Vaszily briefly before & after each Day 3 interview:

3 forgotten muscle & joint areas you must protect for lifelong mobility… Do’s & Don’ts of buying SHOES for health… Veggies that are healthier when COOKED… Best foods vs. pain.

Day 4

Most Effective New Way to Stop Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Frailty & Fatigue ◦ How to Fall Back Asleep ◦ Your Blood Vessels ◦ Banish Zombies (Longevity Essential) ◦ Breast Cancer

Saturday, July 20

Aric Prather, PhD

World-renowned sleep scientist & practitioner whose groundbreaking work has helped even severe insomniacs get far healthier sleep. Professor at UCSF, co-director of their Aging, Metabolism, and Emotions Center, clinical psychologist who helps lead UCSF’s famed Insomnia Clinic.

A taste of the little-known, most effective steps to live long & well that Dr. Prather will reveal:

The big mistake people make when they can’t fall asleep or back asleep (impt to change this)... The truth about NAPS... Avoiding a “bed of anxiety”... Why treating your brain like the OPPOSITE of a computer is vital for great sleep... Powerful new “trick” if WORRY keeps you awake.

Joshua Helman, MD

Pioneering MD trained at Harvard, Cambridge, and MIT, and board-certified in emergency and lifestyle medicine. Renowned for cutting-edge integrative, regenerative, and holistic medical approaches to boost longevity and combat health challenges. Medical Director of Hippocrates Health Institute.

A taste of the little-known, most effective steps to live long & well that Dr. Helman will reveal:

The 5 keys to protect & improve your blood vessels (crucial to avoid heart attack, stroke, brain decline, more)... Truly alarming new toxin FACTS... How to grow new brain & stem cells in your body... Cholesterol essentials... Best nutrients to banish ZOMBIES in your body (a golden key to longevity!)

Ari Whitten, MS

Acclaimed energy and fatigue expert and bestselling author renowned for deeply evidence-based DIY steps to boost energy and longevity. MS in Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine, advanced training in Clinical Psychology, Kinesiology, Corrective Exercise. Founder of The Energy Blueprint.

A taste of the little-known, most effective steps to live long & well that Ari will reveal:

Truly revolutionary NEW way to repel chronic stress, Alzheimer’s, fatigue, cancer & other chronic disease, and add amazing years to your life (you’ll be among the first to hear this new evidence-based GOLD!)... How to turn your FEARS into a very potent shield against illness... Avoiding FRAILTY.

PLUS, from Brian Vaszily briefly before & after each Day 4 interview:

RADICAL way to avoid Alzheimer’s… Cool tricks to fall asleep when your mind races… Major new chemical warning (breast cancer)… 50 a day cuts heart disease risk up to 20%.

Day 5

#1 Overlooked Dietary Step for Gut, Blood Sugar & More ◦ Little-Known KEY to Brain, Lung & Lymphatic Health ◦ Nature’s Best for Your Nerves ◦ Restaurants ◦ Poop

Sunday, July 21

Ros Ben-Moshe, MPH

Globally recognized laughter, wellness, and resilience expert and bestselling author. Professor and researcher at La Trobe University in Australia. Renowned for research on the powerful impact of laughter & other positive states on physical resilience, mental health, and longevity.

A taste of the little-known, most effective steps to live long & well that Ros will reveal:

How this renowned wellness expert overcame colon cancer (unique & IMPT health guidance everyone!)... Overlooked key to lymphatic, brain & lung health... The AMAZING (and vastly undervalued) health benefits of laughing... How WHO you chat with greatly impacts your health.

Nick Polizzi​

Top indigenous and ancient medicine researcher, director/producer of hit films that reveal natural alternatives to conventional approaches, founder of The Sacred Science. His work stems from a calling to honor, preserve, and protect ancient healing knowledge and technologies.

A taste of the little-known, most effective steps to live long & well that Nick will reveal:

Nature’s most potent medicine for your NERVES... “Insider” restaurant secrets you DON’T want to know (but need to)... Top CONCEALED cause of stress & disease... Help therapy for longevity... 8 potent (though possibly controversial) words when you worry.

Elizabeth Lipski, PhD, CNS

Globally renowned gut health expert with 30+ years experience. Widely regarded as a top pioneer in food-as-medicine. PhD in Clinical Nutrition, Fellow of American College of Nutrition, author of Digestive Wellness & other definitive consumer gut health books, Innovative Healing Academy founder.

A taste of the little-known, most effective steps to live long & well that Dr. Lipski will reveal:

Why conventional bowel movement Advice is WRONG... How to improve your microbiome in 24 hours or less... #1 dietary step even most “healthy eaters” aren’t taking (crucial for MANY gut problems, blood sugar, diabetes)... Reduce GERD by 75% in 10 days... FUN supermarket step to boost gut health.

PLUS, from Brian Vaszily briefly before & after each Day 5 interview:

Top tips to calm your nerves fast… A sad yet effective way to stop pain… 10 restaurant TRICKS harming your health… IMPT one-a-day for brain decline & high blood pressure.

Day 6

Stop Your Thoughts from Harming You ◦ Nature’s Best for Your Eyes ◦ Autoimmune Triumph ◦ Inflammation, Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Essentials ◦ 102-Year-Old MD

Monday, July 22

Pedram Shojai, OMD

Globally acclaimed Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Taoist Abbot, and Qi Gong Master. Producer/director of major hit health films such as Trauma and Exhausted. NY Times bestselling author of The Urban Monk, Rise and Shine & more, founder of and

A taste of the little-known, most effective steps to live long & well that Dr. Shojai will reveal:

Why doing OLD things matters more than NEW for your longevity... The 4 Wheels of Vitality... How to stop your thoughts from HARMING you... Why finding your “Release Valve” is crucial for healthy aging... How to enjoy the benefits of meditation in the real world... NEVER get “boxed in” (vital).

Rudrani Banik, MD

Pioneering expert in improving vision & overcoming eye issues including via natural means. Board-certified ophthalmologist, fellowship-trained neuro-ophthalmologist, certified functional medicine practitioner. Multiple “top doctor” awards, EnVision Health founder, Mount Sinai School of Medicine professor.

A taste of the little-known, most effective steps to live long & well that Dr. Banik will reveal:

Most effective nutrition steps to keep your vision sharp & avoid macular degeneration, dry eye, cataracts, glaucoma... The 3 types of nutrients for your eyes (most NOT eating enough of all 3!)... Do’s & Don’ts for sunglasses... Best SPECIFIC foods & spices for eyes.

Monica Aggarwal, MD

One of the world’s top experts on chronic inflammation and the impact of nutrition on chronic illness. Board-certified in cardiology, leading proponent of integrative medicine, practicing MD, Professor at University of Florida’s Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, bestselling author of Body on Fire.

A taste of the little-known, most effective steps to live long & well that Dr. Aggarwal will reveal:

How she overcame rheumatoid arthritis (and the important lessons for everyone!)... Easy, very effective DIY steps for high blood pressure & high stress... Essentials to lower LDL cholesterol... Highly inflammatory foods... Why “range” in your diet is so important... 2000 is a magic number.

Gladys McGarey, MD

Legendary 102-year-old known as the “Mother of Holistic Medicine” and still a practicing MD. Pioneered a new way of thinking about health that has changed medical care worldwide. Cofounder of the American Holistic Medical Association, mentor to other top MDs such as Dr. Mark Hyman.

A taste of the little-known, most effective steps to live long & well that Dr. McGarey will reveal:

The most effective “juice” to live long and thrive... How Dr. McGarey’s life greatly improved at age 93 (you are never “too old” to overcome obstacles!)... Are you properly digesting your emotions?... The importance of spending your energy WILDLY.

PLUS, from Brian Vaszily briefly before & after each Day 6 interview:

EASY high-impact nutrition step most don’t do… Alarming supermarket produce secrets…  #1 overlooked superfood for gut, heart, brain… Smart “sitting trick” to help avoid disease.

Day 7

3 LEGENDS OF HEALTH DAY: Ward Off Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Diabetes & Gut Issues ◦ You Have WAY More Control Than You Think ◦ Most “Hidden” Health Ingredient

Tuesday, July 23

David Perlmutter, MD

Legendary neurologist MD. Winner of top awards for brain health & longevity innovations. 6-time NY Times bestselling author with over 1 million books in print, translated into 32 languages. On Board of Directors and a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition. Editorial Board for Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.

A taste of the little-known, most effective steps to live long & well that Dr. Perlmutter will reveal:

His NEW #1 essential to live long & thrive (learn your personal details on this, makes all the difference!)... Why you MUST exercise these endocrine organs to fight cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, gut issues... Timing your nutrition... Vital healthy aging key MOST aren’t aware of yet.

Ellen Langer, PhD

Legendary mental health researcher, first woman to be tenured in psychology at Harvard where she’s still a professor, recipient of the Liberty Science Genius Award, Guggenheim Fellowship & three Distinguished Scientist Awards. Known worldwide as the “mother of positive psychology.”

A taste of the little-known, most effective steps to live long & well that Dr. Langer will reveal:

Why you have way more control over your health than you think (and 3 ASTOUNDING studies that prove it)... How the “Borderline Effect” makes you sick, or sicker... Why the “right” choices harm you... How to achieve the impossible in your health (proven, practical).

Columbus Batiste, MD, FACC, FSCAI

MD widely known as “The Healthy Heart Doc.” Featured in The Game Changers, a film presented by James Cameron & Arnold Schwarzenegger. Chief Cardiologist for Kaiser Permanente Riverside, renowned for highly effective lifestyle approaches to heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

A taste of the little-known, most effective steps to live long & well that Dr. Batiste will reveal:

This world-famous cardiologist’s surprising #1 and #2 most vital steps to live long and thrive (yes, both strongly linked to brain, gut, heart, immune health!)... What to do with anger, guilt & fear... The strongest BODYGUARD foods... Most “hidden” health ingredient.

PLUS, from Brian Vaszily briefly before & after each Day 7 interview:

Easy rule on what’s worth buying ORGANIC… Best colors for your health… “Golden key” to make important health changes sensibly… Most effective vibrant longevity step of all.

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