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top probiotic health benefits

9 Top Probiotic Health Benefits for Your Gut & Beyond

Probiotics are at the top of the list when it comes to building up the health of your gut. However, there are many probiotic health benefits that go well beyond your digestive system. Maintaining (or rebuilding) the right balance of beneficial bacteria and other microorganisms in your body is critical to many facets of your

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top benefits of turkey tail mushroom

Wonder Mushroom: The Top 10 Health Benefits of Turkey Tail Mushroom

Medicinal mushrooms have been used for thousands of years to promote health and longevity. And one of the true “superstars” among the stars when it comes to mushrooms is turkey tail mushroom. This amazing mushroom is one of the most studied varieties and has some very impressive benefits for your physical wellness and your skin.

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far infrared sauna 10 benefits

10 Healing Benefits of Infrared Saunas

In countries such as Finland, saunas have long been a central part of the culture and daily life. Their use in Finland dates back 10,000 years, in fact, when the earliest saunas consisted of earth pits covered with animal skins. Meanwhile, the therapeutic-for-body-mind-and-spirit use of heated rooms and spaces actually dates back eons in other

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the benefits of music

The Benefits of Music: Surprisingly Powerful for Mind & Body

Most people have an instinctive love of music. We may differ on which genre is our favorite (and whether or not we can sing in tune), but the benefits of music are there for us all. You probably know some of them offhand, just by the way you feel after listening to your favorite song.

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harmful effects of blue light

Effects of Blue Light: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Have you ever considered what effects blue light might be having on your health? If so, you aren’t alone. This topic has gathered well-deserved attention because of the increased exposure to blue light that many people are getting daily — and the possible consequences. Now, this isn’t a case of blue light being strictly harmful

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top health benefits of chamomile

13 Outstanding Health Benefits of German Chamomile

Chamomile is one of the most popular herbs used today and has been since ancient times. You may be familiar with it as a “sleep tea,” but there are many more incredible health benefits of chamomile that are lesser known. German chamomile is the most frequently used type of chamomile and has outstanding properties for

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