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Reason for Dry Skin

11 Surprising Reasons You Get Dry Skin

Your skin possesses a natural protective barrier made up of a mixture of lipids and dead skin cells. When functioning optimally, this barrier helps keep moisture locked into your skin – meaning your skin stays hydrated and healthy-looking. Unfortunately, there are many ways for this natural barrier to become damaged or dysfunctional, resulting in increased

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Strength Training for Seniors

Strength Training Over 50: Optimizing Functional Strength for Longevity

Have you ever felt like you’re putting in the effort at the gym, but just not seeing the results you want? You might be surprised to learn that true strength goes beyond just lifting heavier weights. Strength training is about developing optimal neurological connections with your muscles to enhance balance, coordination, and mobility. As you

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surprising health benefits of hemp seeds

7 Surprising Benefits of Hemp Seeds: A Little Known Power Food

You’re probably familiar with seeds like flax and chia as incredibly healthy foods, but hemp seeds are more of a new kid on the block. It’s actually impressive how many benefits of hemp seeds have already been documented, since they haven’t been the subject of as many studies. A long-time ban on hemp products in

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drinks for skin glow

8 Best Drinks for Your Youngest-Looking Skin

When it comes to your skin, it’s not about trying to look like you’re 21 if you’re 51. Instead, it’s about trying to look as young as you ought to look, right? On that note, there’s bad news and great news. Stated directly, the bad news is that many, perhaps most, people today have skin

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Beta Glucan

6 Surprising Benefits of Beta Glucan

There are two types of fiber: soluble and insoluble. Insoluble fiber gets all the attention. It’s the one that stays unchanged in your digestive system, bulking up your stool so you stay regular. Soluble fiber—and in particular beta glucan—gets far less recognition. Yet, this critical substance, which is found in foods like barley, rye, oats,

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phthalate dangers

PHTHALATE DANGERS: Where They Hide & Why You Should Avoid Them

Phthalates have been nicknamed “the everywhere chemical” because of how prevalent they have become in modern-day life. Not only are they found in thousands of everyday products, they have also made their way into the environment AND our bodies. This is bad news because phthalates are linked to some serious health effects. And like so

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