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black foods list benefits

7 Health Benefits of Black Foods (and the Top 10 to Eat More Of!)

There’s no doubt that green, orange, red, and other brightly colored fruits and vegetables are packed full of nutrients. Maybe you’ve even heard the phrase “eat the rainbow” used to describe a nutrient-rich way of eating. However, there’s a whole group of plant foods not typically thought of that should also be included in your

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benefits of vibration therapy

9 Little-Known Benefits of Vibration Therapy

Many health trends come and go, but some actually prove to be worth the hype surrounding them. This is the case of a just emerging health and fitness technique known as vibration therapy (also called whole body vibration). Like so many other holistic practices, vibration therapy is new— but also not new. The benefits are

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chemicals in laundry detergent

Toxic Ingredients to Be Aware of in Laundry Detergents

It’s an unfortunate fact that our bodies are on “toxic overload” today. We’re being bombarded with toxins from the cosmetic and personal care products we feed our bodies via our skin, from the food we feed our bodies via our mouths, and from the very air we breathe. Even for those in peak health it’s

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vitamin c benefits for skin

5 Top Vitamin C Benefits for Skin (and 5 Best Vitamin C Ingredients)

There are two primary proteins in your skin involved in keeping it healthy and young-looking: collagen which gives skin firmness, and elastin which keeps skin tight. While other ingredients, most notably red maple leaf extract, are ideal for boosting the elastin, vitamin C may be the superstar amongst the stars for boosting collagen. And that’s

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