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best foods for sleep

12 Best Foods to Help You Sleep Better

Good quality sleep is needed for good health. Not only does it keep you alert and focused while you’re awake, your body needs this critical rest period to heal itself. The magic sleep number for adults is between 7-9 hours each night. Unfortunately, research on sleep patterns indicates that not only are many adults not

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benefits of maitake mushroom

8 Powerful Benefits of Maitake Mushroom: The Shroom King

It’s fair to say that medicinal mushrooms are finally getting the recognition they deserve as “super shrooms”. But some varieties, like maitake mushroom, are still flying under the radar in spite of their incredible health benefits. Maitake, sometimes nicknamed “king of mushrooms”, is both delicious and nutritious. It’s filled with powerful nutrients and plant compounds

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causes of brain fog and natural treatments

What is Brain Fog? Potential Causes + Natural Treatment Options

Brain fog is a term used to describe a range of cognitive symptoms that can have many causes. Feeling unfocused, “hazy,” and mentally fatigued all fall into the category of brain fog as do many other symptoms. You’ve probably experienced a tired or unfocused brain at some point, but the real problem is when these

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benefits of vitamin B-12 and plant based sources

Crucial Benefits of Vitamin B-12 + Best Plant-Based Sources

Vitamin B-12 is an incredibly important nutrient for your body with many health benefits. Fatigue, mood swings, mental sluggishness, and irritability are all potential signs of being low in vitamin B12 — something which is, unfortunately, a common occurrence. Because B-12 is involved in so many functions within your body — from energy and memory

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top probiotic health benefits

9 Top Probiotic Health Benefits for Your Gut & Beyond

Probiotics are at the top of the list when it comes to building up the health of your gut. However, there are many probiotic health benefits that go well beyond your digestive system. Maintaining (or rebuilding) the right balance of beneficial bacteria and other microorganisms in your body is critical to many facets of your

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how to get rid of bags under eyes

15 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Bags Under Eyes

Bags under the eyes can appear for many reasons. They may show up when you’re stressed or short on sleep and disappear when you get some rest. However, at some point, bags or dark circles become a more permanent fixture. This is unfortunately a part of the aging process and happens at different times for

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