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health benefits of red light therapy

8 Emerging Health Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy has been around for a few decades but its truly incredible health benefits are still just emerging. Light, in general, is a frequently overlooked natural health tool, despite the fact that we all need it to survive and thrive. And with the average American spending about 93% of their time indoors, it’s

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phthalate dangers

PHTHALATE DANGERS: Where They Hide & Why You Should Avoid Them

Phthalates have been nicknamed “the everywhere chemical” because of how prevalent they have become in modern-day life. Not only are they found in thousands of everyday products, they have also made their way into the environment AND our bodies. This is bad news because phthalates are linked to some serious health effects. And like so

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the benefits of music

The Benefits of Music: Surprisingly Powerful for Mind & Body

Most people have an instinctive love of music. We may differ on which genre is our favorite (and whether or not we can sing in tune), but the benefits of music are there for us all. You probably know some of them offhand, just by the way you feel after listening to your favorite song.

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10 Healing Benefits of Infrared Saunas

In countries such as Finland, saunas have long been a central part of the culture and daily life. Their use in Finland dates back 10,000 years, in fact, when the earliest saunas consisted of earth pits covered with animal skins. Meanwhile, the therapeutic-for-body-mind-and-spirit use of heated rooms and spaces actually dates back eons in other

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dangers of indoor air pollutants

The Invisible Dangers of Indoor Air Pollutants

Indoor air pollutants are a serious health threat in many homes. Invisible and often unthought of, these airborne toxins can impact your respiratory health and cause long-term problems if not addressed. You may not think much about the air quality in your home but it’s probably much more toxic than you realize. According to the

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dangers of toxic fragrance chemicals

Toxic Fragrance: Why You Want to Avoid This Common Ingredient

If there’s one ingredient you should always watch out for in common household products, it’s fragrance. Fragrance sounds nice. It conjures up images of smelling fresh flowers or breathing in the scent of clean morning air. But unfortunately, manufactured fragrance is not a pleasant thing at all. Many of the fragrances you breathe in from

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