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dangers of toxic bedding

The Dangers of Toxic Bedding + How to Choose Better Options

When it comes to getting rid of toxic chemicals in the home, the area where you sleep often gets overlooked. There’s a lot of emphasis on toxins in food, water, and personal care products (and rightly so). But there are also potentially dangerous toxins hiding in bedding that can have a negative impact on your

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health benefits of CBD oil

Top 9 Health Benefits of CBD Oil Backed by Research

One of the latest up-and-coming natural products is CBD oil, and it’s already lining up an impressive array of potential health benefits. Not all supplements that get a lot of hype can measure up, but CBD has a lot of solid research backing it up. Many of the studies are fairly recent because of a

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surprising benefits of coffee drinking

6+ Surprising Health Benefits of Coffee Drinking

Coffee always seems to be in the news. One day, the benefits of coffee drinking are being praised. A few days later, coffee and caffeine are highlighted as being detrimental for your health. Many people now seem to view coffee as a guilty pleasure, but what’s the real story behind this popular beverage? According to

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health benefits of cruciferous vegetables

10 Incredible Health Benefits of Cruciferous Vegetables

Humble vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower often get pushed to the side in favor of the latest superfood, but you might be surprised at the impressive array of health benefits these cruciferous vegetables have. Cultivated since as early as 4000-5000 BC, cruciferous veggies actually have an impressive history. Not only have they been a dietary

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benefits of vitamin B-12 and plant based sources

Crucial Benefits of Vitamin B-12 + Best Plant-Based Sources

Vitamin B-12 is an incredibly important nutrient for your body with many health benefits. Fatigue, mood swings, mental sluggishness, and irritability are all potential signs of a deficiency- something which is, unfortunately, a common occurrence. Because B-12 is involved in so many functions within your body- from energy and memory to skin and hair health-

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best herbs and spices for brain health

Best Herbs and Spices for a Healthy, Youthful Brain

Keeping a sharp, focused mind is a critical component of staying healthy as you age. Not surprisingly, nature has given us some incredible herbs and spices that boost brain health, memory, and mental energy. Many of these herbs have been used for centuries to promote the longevity of the mind and have now been “discovered”

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