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habits that cause skin aging

15 Little-Known Habits That Cause Premature Skin Aging

Your skin is a very unique part of your body because it responds to both internal and external stressors. This means that many of your daily habits have an impact on your skin, whether you know it or not. You are probably already familiar with certain habits that support youthful-looking skin. Drinking plenty of water,

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Could Fascial Release Be the Key to Looking (and Feeling) Younger?

Do you wish you could banish the fine lines, crepe-like, sagging skin, and wrinkles that make you look older?  How about promoting better circulation and mobility so you age more gracefully? Because there’s a highly effective solution that targets the underlying causes of early aging – it’s one of the most little-known “golden keys” to

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vitamin c benefits for skin

5 Top Vitamin C Benefits for Skin (and 5 Best Vitamin C Ingredients)

There are two primary proteins in your skin involved in keeping it healthy and young-looking: collagen which gives skin firmness, and elastin which keeps skin tight. While other ingredients, most notably red maple leaf extract, are ideal for boosting the elastin, vitamin C may be the superstar amongst the stars for boosting collagen. And that’s

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top health benefits of rosehips

Top 12 Health & Anti-Aging Benefits of Rosehips

Rosehips are small, amazing “fruits” with incredible health benefits that few people know about. They come from the same plant as the beautiful rose blossoms so many love but completely outshine their counterparts when it comes to health-boosting properties. In fact, rosehips have shone in traditional medicine for hundreds (and likely thousands) of years and

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10 health benefits of chia seeds

A Tiny Superfood: 10 Surprising Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

Small yet mighty, chia seeds could well be considered a tiny superfood. Once mostly famous for putting the green on Chia Pets, it’s the health benefits of chia seeds that are really catching attention today. Easy to add to your diet, these little black seeds are filled with nutrients that are good for your digestion,

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