Simple Garlic, Lemon, Ginger Recipe: A Powerhouse Against Disease

garlic lemon ginger recipe

Sometimes it’s the simplest ingredients that pack the biggest punch. This holds true for garlic, lemon, and ginger— a trio that have potent health benefits separately and give your body an even bigger disease-fighting boost when combined into a “super tonic”. There’s nothing exotic about this trio (though ginger is technically a tropical plant). You … Read more

9 Powerful Health Benefits of Cinnamon: The World’s Most Popular Spice

powerful health benefits of cinnamon

The sweet and spicy aroma of cinnamon makes it one of the world’s top spices. It’s been valued for its flavor and powerful health properties since at least 2800 BC. Modern research has confirmed many important health benefits of cinnamon. Studies show that it contains powerful plant compounds that have an anti-inflammatory and antidiabetic effect. … Read more

11 Top Health (and Skin) Benefits of Resveratrol

health benefits of resveratrol

Resveratrol is a powerful plant compound that many people have heard of — mostly in association with grapes and red wine. It has become well-known for promoting heart health, but you may be surprised at the number of other health-boosting benefits resveratrol has. It supports your body from the inside out (like many plant compounds … Read more

8 Top Health Benefits of Chlorella: Nature’s Detoxifier

health benefits of chlorella

It would be hard to find a superfood with more health benefits than chlorella, but many people still haven’t heard of this under-the-radar algae— or don’t realize its full potential. To give you the short version, chlorella is one of nature’s top detoxifiers, incredibly nutrient-dense, and full of compounds that support immunity, heart health, and … Read more

Biotin: The Little-Known Nutrient for Healthy Hair, Skin, and Nails

health benefits of biotin

When it comes to bona fide “secrets” for healthy-looking hair, skin, and nails… That also help your brain, metabolism, blood sugar and more… There’s one critical nutrient that often gets left out of the conversation, and it goes by the name of vitamin B7 or, more commonly, biotin. Now, if you’ve ever done any research … Read more

Top Health Benefits of Sulforaphane + Best Sources

top benefits of sulforaphane

Sulforaphane is a natural plant compound that has shown incredible health-boosting potential in numerous studies. It may help to lower inflammation, protect your heart and brain, and improve detoxification— all of which are key to combating many “modern day” ailments. In its natural form, sulforaphane is found in cruciferous vegetables BUT you don’t have to … Read more

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